Balanced New England Cider

Sidro is our flagship cider. Crafted with New England varietals and a blend of Belgian Saison yeast, Sidro walks the line between big apple flavor and crushability. The name “Sidro” comes from a chance realization: it means “Anchor” in Bosnian and “Cider” in Italian.

5.4% ABV 16oz Can & Draft


Cider with orange peel and grains of paradise

Paradise is an ode to a Belgian Witbier. It is a blast of citrus with a dry finish and is often a favorite for its distinctive flavor. We steep this cider with Grains of Paradise and Orange Peel after fermenting with a Belgian Ale yeast.

6% ABV
16oz Can & Draft

Missing Link

Hopped Session Cider
Current Hops: Mosaic & Cascade

When we think hops, we think bitterness. Missing link introduces alpha acids to the cider drinker via a “truly hopped” session beverage: slightly bitter and dry hopped with a rotating blend of hops.

4.8% ABV
16oz Can & Draft