We began working on Prospect Ciderworks in 2014 to challenge the assumptions surrounding American Cider. We use progressive cider making methods to create balanced, distinctive ciders for our fans and friends. Think of it as an apple a day, in a different way.


Mark Finnegan

Co-Founder, Cidermaker

Mark grew up watching tractors comb the orchard next door, knowing one day he would repurpose their fruit to make damn good booze. He often lifts kegs up just to put them down, exclaiming “it’s really not that heavy, guys.”


Chase Brooks

Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales

Chase cut his teeth in the restaurant industry before he and Mark got talking cider. He’s the resident alcohol geek and handles all things consumer facing for Prospect, most notably market research at local bars.


Parker Douglas

Account Manager

Parker is Prospect’s Road Warrior and right hand man. He spends his days running events and ensuring Prospect is well represented on the street, but we occasionally bribe him with rare beer to help out on the canning line.


Prospect’s first cider began flowing in October 2014 in a Boston apartment, poured into the basement of a family home in Harvard, MA and finally overflowed into an old apple processing facility on Harvard’s Ayer Road. Just over a year later in December 2015, Prospect Ciderworks (then known as Harvard Cider Company) finally launched to the public.

To unveil our first ciders, a “Holiday Pop Up” was planned, cider was packaged, and the doors were opened. We weren’t’ sure what to expect as we started our new endeavor, but ten days later our storefront had sold out of the entire 30bbl inventory that we had expected to last us the next two months.

We began to hit stride in 2016 and as we grew we began to feel the constraints of our little 1,500sf facility. As 2017 neared, we made the realization that without the resources required to build our own facility, we had simply outgrown the capacity of the small town where we were founded. The search was expanded, a space was found, and in the closing days of 2016 Harvard Cider Company moved to Boston.

In June of 2017 we reopen in our new facility as Prospect Ciderworks. The name change was a difficult decision, but ultimately came as a nod back to Harvard’s Prospect Hill. The hill was the source of the first apples we ever purchased as a company and a staple of Harvard’s landscape. While our name has changed our mission remains the same; to produce unique cider for unique cider drinkers.